A 1000 Person Flash Mob Wedding Proposal – A Sweet & Public Wedding for Tim and Emily at Westlake Park


You’ve gotta love a couple who lives by the motto “go BIG or go HOME!”

Meet Tim and Emily.  Super fun.  Super cool.  Super gracious, kind and fun-loving.

I had the beautiful opportunity to officiate their wedding ceremony yesterday afternoon, Sunday, July 21st, in the middle of the very public Westlake Park in downtown Seattle.

It was so important for Tim and Emily to be married at this location as this was the exact spot last year that Tim coordinated a 1000 person flash mob proposal for his wonderful lady!

Surrounded by 150+ delighted family and friends and with the amazing support of Andrew Harris from the Mayflower Park Hotel, we created wedding magic – with hundreds of on-lookers and the sounds and crush of a busy and public downtown venue on a busy Sunday Seattle afternoon.

We had moments of laughter.  A few tears.  Great joy.  And most of all, we all shared in the profound sharing of Tim and Emily’s vows and the beauty of a very personalized ceremony and celebration.

Tim and Emily – go BIG on your 6-week honeymoon!  I am the fortunate one have celebrated with you on your wedding day.