On Their 25th Anniversary and After a “Start Of Wedding Ceremony” Surprise, Cindy and Sandra Say “I Do!”

You’ve got to love two fabulous ladies who know how to truly have fun and a good time!

In celebration of their 25 years together, Cindy and Sandra exchanged vows at Salty’s on Alki, in a sweet and personal wedding ceremony, surrounded by their best friends and people.

To open their ceremony, and in a “planned surprise move,” Cindy stopped me, saying she had something to offer Sandra.  And magically, three “back up singers in festive boas and hats” appeared and Cindy lip synced a special song to Sandra.  Talk about fun!  Talk about laughter!  Talk about pure joy!  CindySandra

Creating a surprise within a wedding ceremony is a sensitive thing.

It must be well planned and executed and Cindy did an over-the-top job around this.  Sandra was totally susprised and elated and the two of them ended up doing a little dance as the song and the surprise played out.

I just stood on the side lines with a sloppy grin on my face, so delighted to be in a room bursting with happiness!

Cindy and Sandra – I wish you much happiness in your marriage adventure.

AND if you want to renew your vows in the years to come, with another “surprise,” please count me in!  Photo:  www.jennygg.com