3 Things Most Wedding Officiants Won’t Tell You, by Seattle Officiant Annemarie Juhlian

Darlings! We are smack in the middle of a 2023 wedding season here in the Seattle & Puget Sound area.

I am out and about at weddings of all shapes and sizes these weeks, working with darling couples who trust me with the wedding ceremony portion of their wedding day, (thank you!).

Some couples are confident about what they are planning and want to fully engage.  Some couples are just starting and don’t have many clues.  And then there are the couples who are somewhere in the middle.

As you figure out what you want and desire for your wedding ceremony, here are 3 Things Most Officiants Won’t Tell You…that may be helpful as you plan your wedding.

  1. Perfect wedding day?  Nope.  Nada.  Ain’t happening.  The imperfections of a wedding day become part of your story as a couple.  Get off and stay off of the perfection bandwagon.  Why?  Your planning process and your wedding day will feel much more authentic and comfortable.  If someone offers you a perfect wedding ceremony, run for the hills!
  2. A wedding ceremony is like an out-of-body experience.  Truly.  There is so much build up to a wedding day – whether this is an elopement, a small and intimate wedding ceremony, or something bigger.  Work with your Officiant to create a ceremony where both of you are grounded, comfortable and at ease – this way, you’ll remember more.  TIP:  A great wedding ceremony goes by like a really good movie…fast. When it’s great, a lovely wedding literally flies by.
  3. Most Officiants screw up, big time.  Gratefully, I got through 2022 without a major mess up.  If you do this work long enough, and big enough, an Officiant will mess up.  The grace is I have the best couples and once we start creating a relationship, they know I move heaven and earth to do good work.  On rare occasion, things go side-ways.  Ask me about some of my most memorable screw-ups – we all have stories.

Happy trails to you as move toward your wedding day!




Photo:  www.weddingsbyjen.com