A Beautiful Summer of Seattle Area Weddings, 2021: What Works For Couples, What Doesn’t…

It’s August 9th, and I’m feeling tired on this early Monday morning.

After the intensity of the last 4 wedding days, rehearsals and beautiful wedding ceremonies, I am putzing in my office, before taking time today for rest and play with my husband, Greg.

The wedding summer season of 2021? So far, so good.

For couples, Governor’s Inslee’s announcement in the late Spring that masks are optional at events, including weddings, created opportunities for couples to move forward with more confidence and resilience.

The past 18 months has been freakin’ hard.  As of April/May, a number of my couples were cancelling their weddings for this Summer, moving things into 2022.  And conversely, I have been working with couples over the past 3 months, who are planning things last minute – anywhere from 2 days to 2 months.

As I sit here at my laptop, reflecting on this past wedding weekend, where I enjoyed celebrating couples at Woodland Park Zoo’s Rose Garden, The Woodmark Hotel, and a private estate, I offer a few insights into what I know for sure in this still Covid-19 world:

  • The Delta Variant is a wild card.  Who knows where things are going to go into this Fall, and if a mask mandate comes back for events, couples will have to pivot and adjust.  From the vendors I speak with, close to ‘things,’ they are mostly betting this will happen. Then again, who the heck knows?
  • Couples are happy.  A majority of my larger weddings this year have been rescheduled from 2020.  Sweethearts are elated to ‘get this done,’ and with the people they like and love.
  • I am seeing fresh new faces within the wedding vendor community, particularly photographers and wedding planners.  Some of the established people have rotated out during Covid, and new pros are providing services.
  • A lot of couples pushed their weddings into September, October and November of this year.
  • I am just so happy to be back at what I love to do, as are many of us who have been providing wedding related services to couples for years.




photo:  Jeremy and Ariel, 7/31/21, Bainbridge Island Estate