My Background, Life Path, Beliefs and Values

What I Know For Sure as a Seattle-based Wedding Officiant…

Instead of a dry and predictable life bio, here is what I truly want you to know about me.

I love this work.  It is such an honor for me to share in a couple’s ceremony on a wedding day.

For more than 10 years, I have worked with couples of all faiths and traditions (religious, spiritual, secular) as an ordained Non-Denominational Wedding Officiant & Celebrant, traveling throughout the Seattle/Puget Sound area and Washington State.

I don’t run a ceremony mill outlet or cookie cutter operation.  What I know for sure as an Officiant is that this work is all about cherishing you as a couple and celebrating your unique and loving relationship in the form of a gift – your ceremony.

Fully Devoted To You, My Couple

My devotion to each couple is the cornerstone of my work.

I am best suited for a couple who recognizes their ceremony is the “heart” of their wedding day.  This is also a couple who invests a little more for the comfort and assurance of knowing they are engaging an experienced, skilled and devoted Wedding Officiant who is passionate about a sweetly designed ceremony.

As shared by past couples in Testimonials, I often receive appreciation for the time and care I offer, no matter if your wedding guest list is two people or 200.

Beliefs + Background + Training

I come to this work with a big and sensitive heart.  I possess an open-minded, inclusive and curious nature and a life philosophy that is spiritual in nature with love and kindness at its center.

I was raised in a Christian home in the Mid-west and very much appreciate the traditions, beliefs and rituals of all world religions, faiths and paths.   I am a voracious reader, learner and seeker and I am one of those people who is extra happy when they have a book.

I am on the Faculty of the Celebrant USA Foundation headquartered in New Jersey.  I have earned two Diplomas of Celebrancy from this prestigious East Coast institution.

Before becoming a Wedding Officiant a decade ago, I spent 15 years building, managing and selling 2 successful event planning companies in Redmond, WA.   Prior to this, I was a television news anchor/reporter for five years in three markets and hold a B.A., in Journalism from Syracuse University, New York.

Life in the Seattle Area, Family, Dog Rescue & More

In life, I have experienced great joy and great sorrow.  I’ve had enough highs and lows in life to know better, and my heart is optimistic and grateful.

I am married to the love of my life and we live on a beautiful mini-farm in Olympia, Washington with our “fur family” of special needs and old dogs, all rescued from neglect/abuse.

Greg and I are devoted to dog rescue and rehabilitation and this shared passion is a mission and purpose that fuels our love and commitment (in addition to each other, of course!)  We work with several local rescue groups and have a special place in our heart for saving death row dogs.  For us, there is no better feeling in life than knowing a living being is free of suffering and is safe.

Greg and I were married at a private home in Woodinville with our Officiant, two couples we adore and our four dogs.  We celebrated with an informal party and enjoyed a cruise to Alaska for our honeymoon.  For the two of us, our wedding day was “perfect.”  In my marriage, I have the profound opportunity to truly love and be loved and to walk through life with my best friend.

And, I feel fortunate to have a close community of family and friends, a wide group of wedding industry peers and some fun and quirky interests and passions.

Random Things You Might Like To Know About Me…

  • Earl Grey tea and chocolate are magic for me on a very good or difficult day.
  • I am passionate about making a wedding ceremony “real.”  I am passionate about this work that I do.
  • I have an unhealthy emotional attachment to cocker spaniels.  I get to love the most wonderful and handsome guy in the world.
  • I am part of a group of women who have met for 28 years. I obsess about details. I believe Carolyn Myss is a magical teacher. I’m an information junkie.
  • I am in awe of people who live their lives in service of others.
  • I’ve lived in Michigan, Indiana, New York and Alaska and have been in Seattle for 27 years.
  • I successfully and happily did the corporate thing for 20+ years in special events production and on-air in broadcast journalism.
  • I am both out-going and quiet in personality (a walking paradox). I giggle.

And Just For Fun…

I do not sacrifice anything.  I do not jump out of anything.  I do not wear scuba gear and I do not do any ceremony naked.  Other than this, I’m open!

If We’re On The Same Page, Let’s Connect

If what I share here resonates with you, let’s chat by phone or meet for coffee/tea and conversation.  Please call or text 425.922.1325 or email.  Or use the green contact button below and expect a prompt reply.