Aimie & Ted: A “Wedding Bike Ride” To And From The Willows Lodge!

You’ve gotta just love Aimie and Ted!

I officiated their intimate evening wedding ceremony at The Willows Lodge this month.  I joined them on one fine weekday evening to learn that just a few hours before, they arrived at The Lodge on their bicycles!

So, of course, Photographer Jenny Goldberg-George had to get this grand photo of them “driving away” from their ceremony, bicycles adorned in signs, ribbons and cans.

I adore the creativity of a wedding, big or small.  I especially love the tiny, thoughtful and funsy elements that don’t cost much and add such a personalized flair or feel to a ceremony moment or to a wedding day.

For Aimie and Ted, it was important for them to get married, as they shared with me, “just them.”  And they made their ceremony extra sweet with personalized elements and celebrated with a 3-day honeymoon at The Willlows Lodge, “just them.”