And So, I Was Freaking Out. Tales & Tails, from Officiant Annemarie – Summer 2023

It may not be a big thing to you, but to me?

OMG!  Enroute, I tried to call my husband to help calm me down.

Anyone who knows me knows I am obnoxiously early.  If I’m supposed to be at a wedding at Noon, I’ll be in the area at 11 a.m.  I can’t help it, I just have to be close.  It’s my way, it’s my thing.

So, last night, I was on my way to Canlis Restaurant for the sweetest wedding, on-time, in the car, about 1/2 mile from the venue.  AND I take a wrong turn.  Or perhaps the GPS led me astray.  Who cares, anyway…

I took a wrong turn on 99 South in the middle of Seahawks Pre-Game traffic.  I recognized the error and immediately started to freak out.  I was heading toward downtown Seattle, to Canlis, which only seconds ago, was 1/8 of a mile away.

Instead of lounging around my car in the Canlis parking lot for 45 minutes, I was instead in the middle of a traffic monster, which could make me late to a wedding, for the very first time – ever.

My husband wasn’t picking up, (he was on the tractor at our farm).  So, I took a breath and resisted calling the couple.  THEN it happened.  The snarly traffic opened up and I zoomed up to Denny Way, made a couple of rapid turns and got back on 99 North…making it to Canlis at 5:10 p.m., (I was supposed to be there at 5).

Gratefully, the couple was late because of the same crazy traffic shenanigans and didn’t arrive until 5:20 p.m., 20 minutes after they said they would be there.

And all was right with the world.

I write this because I can.  Because I care so much about doing the right thing.  Because I know ‘crap’ happens and while the unexpected can become part of your story, the real story is how you handle the crap.

Namaste’, Beloveds!