Angela + Frank: A Holiday Wedding at Seattle’s Beautiful Arctic Club Hotel…

I appreciate a couple who has their priorities in order.

I know, this sounds most likely a bit stuffy and boring and it’s true.  Especially when it comes to a wedding ceremony.frank-angela-rivers

It was happiness for me to join Frank and Angela for their wedding at Seattle’s Arctic Club Hotel on December 3rd.

Working together, we crafted a ceremony that not only shared pieces of their personal story but a personal ritual that offered gratitude to family and friends and created a special family moment with Frank’s son.

Frank and Angela’s ‘family first’ approach to life (a priority) was front and center as we celebrated the two of them and the people around them.

Tender emotion was ever-present as Frank and Angela exchanged vows and rings…I had to smile as I heard Frank share sweet nothings with his bride throughout the ceremony as we made our way to the big kiss!