The Anticipation Of A New Year: What I Know For Sure About The Crazy World of Weddings…

I don’t much see this work as a job.  It’s more a vocation to me.

After more than a decade of wedding work, I sit here on this quiet Monday morning in early January. With a happy heart, I offer these random musings about ‘all things wedding.’

GET REAL.  The ‘poofiness’ of a contemporary wedding is old school.  Today’s couple wants to keep things romantic, joyful and happy – with a fresh focus on the little details, which are often the big things.  By little details, I mean I am inspired by a couple who leads with graciousness, kindness and a great sense of humor.  Take a look at these two beautiful smiling faces.  Andrew and A.J. kept it ‘real’ and were married with such love last week!

DUMP THE AISLE RUNNER.  I don’t like them.  Okay, I hate them!  They bunch up, get ripped, get messy and often are a real problem for the bride (or groom) once family and friends and a wedding party gets down the aisle.

DON’T LINE YOUR AISLE WITH LIT CANDLES.  Again, this may look fabulous and it is a serious disaster waiting to happen.  Oftentimes, a wedding ceremony aisle isn’t wide enough to support lit candles in holders or in vases on the floor.  I’ve seen lots of problems over time and a smart couple looks for other decor options.

TAKE 15-20 MINUTES AFTER CEREMONY TO BE TOGETHER.  After a wedding ceremony, which is a huge emotional event, I love a couple who takes a bit of time to be ‘together.’  This gives 2 just married people an opportunity to take a breath, focus on each other, to share the elation of a job well done – and perhaps to have a drink or share a few appetizers.  Simply, ‘no one is going to miss you!’  Karl and Claire took time after they were married last Saturday to just ‘be’ in the happy company of their best people. 

WOOF!  WOOF!  WOOF!  It doesn’t matter what a beloved dog does on a wedding day, it’s all joyful and fabulous.  If you want to include your dog in your wedding ceremony and/or reception, just do it.  Plain and simple.  A wedding dog brings people together and creates instant rapport and conversation.

IF YOU WANT TO ELOPE, ELOPE.  And make it simple.  Don’t over think it.  Don’t over plan it.  Don’t second guess yourself.  Focus on exactly what you want and desire for your small and intimate wedding ceremony and do it.

It’s my happiness to move into 2018 with such wonderful couples, dear people who are eager to share their love story and anticipation of the future with their loved ones, whether this is 2 people or 200 guests. Simply, let’s do this!

Annemarie Juhlian