From Arizona to Seattle With Love: Doug and Candice At Seattle’s Edgewater Hotel

Doug + Candice.

What do I remember about their waterside wedding ceremony on the sunny and warm evening of July 7th at The Edgewater Hotel in downtown Seattle?

I remember hoping during their vows that Photographer Chris Sollart was capturing close-up photos of the moment.  So much joy and emotion.  And yes, Chris did.

I remember thinking that this couple was truly destined for one another.  Their path – their hearts – their story – it all felt absolutely “right.”

I remember the smiles and joy of family and friends during our ceremony.

I remember standing off to the side afterwards and watching everyone interact.  There is one of my favorite things to do.

Most of all, I walked away truly knowing this world has been blessed by another very loving, devoted and fun-loving couple!

Chris Sollart – thank you so much for this beautiful photo!