My Beautiful Couples for 2020. As a Wedding Officiant, Here Is What I Know For Sure…

This Seattle/Tacoma Wedding Officiant thing is a glorious endeavor.

I’m the lucky gal who gets to work with an engaged couple who sincerely desires a modern wedding ceremony that is joyful, conversational, reverent, open-minded, inclusive and with touches of humor and fun.

As I sit here at my laptop, looking down the stretch of months to come, and knowing the couples who have already placed their trust in me for ceremony this year, my heart is full.

How happy I am to have another year doing this work that I love so much. Damn happy!

How honored I am to represent two lovebirds, on their wedding day, knowing how much trust and faith they are placing in me.

How understanding I am of all that it takes to jump off the cliff into the unknown…this is what marriage is all about.  A risk to become more, to do more, to feel more, to heal, to learn, to evolve.  Most of all, to love and be loved.

If you are seeking an Officiant for your ceremony this year, I invite your email note or phone call.

Simply, I am here.

With gratitude,


425 922 1325