Becca + George: A Beautiful, Poignant and Fun-Loving Celebration at The Foundry in Seattle…

Becca + George.

I remember when Becca first called me last December to discuss the possibility of officiating her marriage to George.  Many decisions for this wedding were being made long distance and as we all know, it often it is challenging to make big decisions without an in-person meet and greet. GeorgeBecca

And Becca and George took a leap of faith on me and for this, I am grateful.

This past Friday evening at The Foundry in Seattle, beautiful Becca walked elegantly down the aisle to marry the love of her life, George.

All was sweet. Romantic.  And so very real…authentic in all ways.

Joined by 100+ family and friends, George and Becca shared beautiful vows that were perfectly crafted and hugely intentional – not only for their wedding ceremony moment but words to carry them into their years together.

Wedding Planner Katy Roberts and her assistant, Channy, did an exquisite job with the overall design and presentation of not only the ceremony space at The Foundry but the reception and celebration areas, too.  I love working with Katy and her team – these ladies are not only wonderful human brings but they are hugely talented, responsive and creative…with spunk and humor!

George and Becca…much continued happiness to you both!

Katy Roberts/Vows Wedding & Event Planning –