Ben and Caitlin: A Sweet Ceremony & Celebration at Palisade Restaurant in Seattle…

Ben + Caitlin. 

When I first met Ben and Caitlin, they were clear with me:  they wanted their wedding day to be “no crazy.”  It was their intention to create a day that was welcoming, easy-going, loving and gracious.image by jenny gg photography

On March 1st at Palisade Restaurant, under a very sunny and warm Seattle for winter time, Ben and Caitlin accomplished this and so much more.  Oh, and they got so very married!

Joined by 30+ family and friends, we celebrated their relationship with a ceremony that shared pieces of their personal story and one that focused on gratitude – to each other, to their family and friends.

I love warm, intimate and easy wedding days.  I love couples who focus on all of the right things on their wedding day.  I love a couple with humor, spunk and heart.

Gosh, I’m talking about Ben + Caitlin!