From Bermuda To Seattle With Love: Jamal & Eldrina’s Gorgeous Wedding Day at Woodland Park’s Rose Garden

A ceremony for 2.

Only 2.

Jamal + Eldrina.

The set-up:  Gorgeous October day.  2 happy witnesses.  1 very happy officiant.  A gorgeous bride.  A proud groom.  A long trip made from Bermuda to Seattle!

It was such a pleasure and delight to finally meet Jamal and Eldrina and give them both a big hug as they entered the Woodland Park Rose Garden on Saturday, October 6th.

My couple from Bermuda had arrived!

Working via heavy email, I crafted a sweet and romantic ceremony for Jamal and Eldrina that not only lovingly celebrated their remarkable partnership, but one that sent lots of invisible gratitude to family and friends miles away and one that celebrated the light in their lives, their young son, Shiloh.

For me, it is not about the size of the guest list.  It’s always about my guy and gal and what we can do together to create a loving, poignant and memorable moment.

Jamal and Eldrina – when you return to Seattle, let’s renew those vows with Kier – perhaps same place, perhaps same date!

Much love to you both, Annemarie

Beautiful photo:  Kier