Brenda and Cosdyn’s Wedding Day At The Salish Lodge…

I was with Brenda and her lovely ladies just before she walked down the aisle to marry her love, Cosdyn, at The Salish Lodge last weekend.  

It was happiness for me to share in Cosdyn and Brenda’s wedding day.  And more so because this beautiful and gracious couple came to me via Danielle (Brenda’s Maid of Honor) and her husband, Yuri, whom I married a few years ago.


As I stood in the corner about 30 minutes prior to ceremony, watching all of the last minute preparation and festivities, I was enchanted with the young flower girl (Christina) and flower boy (Danielle and Yuri’s son, Jack), who were absolutely enchanted with one another.  It was just one of those moments of pure joy watching two sweet ones in fits of giggles and hugs.

As I move into the fullness of late Spring and Summer, I’m reminded that the small moments at a wedding are usually HUGE.  And the HUGE moments are usually small.  Yes, the paradox of life.

I often encourage a couple to take planned private moments on a wedding day – time out moments – because the lifetime moment of a wedding day will never, ever come again.

And sometimes, I actually take my own advice during my time on-site at a ceremony. To step back.  To be super watchful. To look for divine goodness in the smallest of details. 

To ask bold questions.  To be ultra kind. 

And to know and remember that a wedding day will never, ever come again. 

Gorgeous Photo:  Megan Christina Photography