Brent & Jessica – Celebrating 10 Years of Loving Relationship & Family With A Beautiful Ceremony at Palisade…

BrentJessicaBuckSelfishly, I wish I lived next door to Brent and Jessica!

It was such a happy pleasure for me to join in this couple on their wedding day this past Saturday, August 3rd at Palisade in Seattle.

Joined by their 3 children and 50+ happy family and friends, we celebrated a decade of relationship and the profound love that Brent and Jessica have for each other.

When creating and delivering a ceremony with children, it is important to appropriately weave in text and ritual that honor the age and stage of a child.  In this ceremony work that I do, I work to keep the focus fully on the couple and at the same time, use ceremony to celebrate the blending of a family (which is easier said than done).

I was most touched by some poignant words that Brent shared within the ceremony text – how one of his favorite things is to have his “5 favorite people at home with him doing something together.”

Most of all, it is the fierce love shared by Brent and Jessica and their devotion and care-taking of each other that left all of us truly inspired in the best ways.