Bring on 2024! For You, An Engaged Couple, Looking Ahead To Your Seattle Area Wedding Ceremony…

Happy 2024!  Here we go…let’s do this!

As you put together your wedding day – whether this is a true elopement, something small and intimate, or bigger – it’s all about the love between you, what you desire to share with the people you like and love, and creating a memorable day that leaves a legacy of best memories.

As you begin to figure out the ceremony portion of your wedding day, I am here.

I create and deliver wedding ceremonies for loving couples of all paths, traditions and beliefs.  There is no right way to do all of this, there is no wrong way to do all of this.  Your wedding ceremony is an enormous moment – full of expectations, abundant in joy and elation, rooted in beliefs, understandings and goals…and much more.

If you’d like to talk, I am here at 425.922.1325.

If you’d like to text, same number.

And email is:

Simply, if this is meant to be, let’s do this, together!