Celebrating A Profound Relationship Journey: Paul & Melissa’s Wedding Ceremony at St. Paul’s Chapel, Port Gamble

PaulMelissaPeterson2I totally love this photo of Paul and Melissa!

I took it from the side as Photographer Brad Camp was setting up a group photo outside of St. Paul’s Chapel in Port Gamble, where Paul and Melissa shared in a sweet and poignant late afternoon exchange of vows on Sunday, May 12th. (yes, Mother’s Day!)

Surrounded by their children and family and friends, Paul and Melissa’s ceremony was all about what I sense I do best:  delivering something that is truly authentic, rich in gratitude, romantic and sprinkled with fun-loving and sweet moments (gotta love laughter!)

A wedding ceremony is big huge.  It’s not about the size of the guest list. It is not about hoopla.  It’s about sitting down and truly saying, “what do we want to do with this opportunity?  And more importantly, “what do we want to do with this responsibility?”

Paul and Melissa – so how fabulous was your European honeymoon?!  Much happiness to you and your beautiful family!