Personal Touches.  Inspiring.  A Best Lifetime Memory.

Truth?  A wedding ceremony is an emotional, blessed and beautiful thing.

It is a joyful and chaotic life transition.  It is also an amazing and grand opportunity to intentionally design and create a lifetime moment for the two of you and family and friends.

No matter if you are non-denominational, spiritual, religious, inter-faith or civil/secular, your ceremony is a big deal to you.  AND it’s a big deal to me.

In so many ways, your ceremony is a personal and intimate celebration of your loving relationship and love story.  If done right and well, it will be a distinctive statement and inspiring once-in-lifetime moment that celebrates and defines the formal beginning of your marriage adventure.

Your Story + Working Together = “Yeah!”

If we are a best fit, it will be a privilege to design and officiate a custom ceremony for you – whether a small or intimate affair or more formal event with a larger guest list.

Working together, I take full responsibility for crafting, writing and delivering your ceremony in an authentic and loving presentation at a location of your choice.  I work to reflect your uniqueness as a couple, respecting your beliefs/values, faith and traditions.  It’s important that the words and “feel” of your ceremony reflect your loving partnership.

Whether you are seeking a full ceremony with rehearsal or a simple elopement, my goal is the same:  a joyful, inspiring and memorable ceremony that feels and looks “easy,” and is sweetly designed and orchestrated for a specific result:  a cherished lifetime moment.

I am often heard to say, “Yeah!” as I walk away from a completed ceremony.  Sometimes under my breath, sometimes out loud.  This is my little way of saying to myself, “all of this work – all of this effort – we did it well and right, together – let’s party!”

My Process For Creating Ceremony

I have mastered a best process for creating a wedding ceremony.

When we sit down for our consultation or chat on the phone, I will share how I gather all information and resources to write and design your ceremony.

I collect your history and life/love story detail and work to build a ceremony that is poignant, inspiring, romantic and sentimental.   This may include your definition of religion or spirituality, your path to coming together, values/beliefs and shared interests, personalized wedding and ring vows, unique rituals and surprises, special honoring of family and friends, “take-home mementos” and more.

I provide a full draft of your wedding ceremony for your edit/review and selections and offer email and phone access before your wedding day.  You have final approval over what we say and do.

Ultimately, as I finish up your ceremony script, I insure all aspects that are important to you as a couple are woven into your ceremony.   For more information on how I create ceremony, go to FAQ’s.

Our goal?  A ceremony that authentically celebrates your story as a couple – your mission/purpose, interests, sentimental/loving stories, hope and dreams – all designed to produce a cherished lifetime moment.

In addition to creating ceremony, I offer pre-marriage coaching sessions.  These private sessions are designed to give you a “time-out” from wedding planning to focus on your partnership and marriage.  For more information, go to Couple Coaching.

Not The Cheapest Officiant Around…

I don’t work to be the inexpensive Officiant in our area.

I work to be the best at what I do and my fee reflects a personal commitment of time and effort, offering a couple tangible value for their trust and dollar.

Running a cookie cutter operation and zipping around Puget Sound doing the same ‘ol thing again and again lacks appeal.  Selfishly, I desire to know a couple and devote time to create a beautiful wedding ceremony –  traditional, contemporary or “out there.”

For a peek at what past couples have to say about working with me, go to Testimonials.

Bottom line?  Your Peace, Comfort & Ease.

While I may work as an Officiant/Celebrant, I use what I know from my former life in special events planning and production to insure a well-written ceremony, an easy and fun rehearsal and a best ceremony on your wedding day.

In many ways, having me on board to lead your rehearsal and to serve as “ceremony coordinator” on your wedding day is quite like having a wedding planner for the ceremony portion of your wedding day.

Bottom line?  Your peace of mind, comfort and ease as you walk into your wedding day.

I invite you to learn more about my professional background and personal life by going to About.

To Schedule a Complimentary Meeting

To inquire about my availability for your wedding day, please email me or complete this easy form.  If you prefer, give me a call or text at 425.922.1325.