I Want To Clone Steve: You’ve Gotta Love A Guy Who Adores His Gal…

Last Saturday evening at Canlis Restaurant in Seattle, a sweet guy surprised his beautiful gal with a renewal of marriage vows.

In celebration of 20 beautiful years.  In honor of 3 amazing children.  In reverent jubilation of a shared journey filled with devotion, perseverance, lots of change, ups and downs, romance, house chores and so much love.  canlis

With great attention to detail, Steve surprised his wife, Tracy, with not only an elegantly planned dinner party (20 close family/friends) but his big moment was announcing that they would be renewing their wedding vows – a promise made years ago in celebration of each 10-year milestone wedding anniversary.

And so, before everyone sat down for dinner, Steve declared his love for his beautiful Tracy.  And of course, Tracy once again said, “I Do.”

You’ve got to love a guy who goes above and beyond to create a cherished lifetime moment.

Tracy, you are one lucky gal!