Use Your Engagement Time To Deepen Your Relationship.
Walk Into Your Wedding Day With Enhanced Comfort and Pride.

You’re engaged and planning a wedding.

Welcome to “crazy time” – the minutes, days and months of your engagement.

You’ve got two feet.  One foot is eager and excited to step into your new world as an engaged person and couple.  Most likely, you have your other foot in your rapidly vanishing “single world.”  With feet in different places, I wouldn’t be surprised if you have feelings of euphoria and excitement coupled with the tension of apprehension and uncertainty.

Yes, you may feel in many ways you are a walking paradox – super happy, excited and anticipatory while grappling with the emotions of loss, uncertainty, confusion and transition.

Having worked with many engaged couples of all faiths, backgrounds and paths, here is what I know for sure:  a smart couple actively uses their engagement to prepare not only for the wedding day but for the marriage.

A highly motivated couple blocks out time to ask the hard questions that genuinely deepen a loving relationship.  Pre-marriage work offers you the profound and unique opportunity to walk down the aisle on your wedding day with pride and ease, knowing you are making a highest choice for your life.

About Pre-Marriage Coaching

I coach engaged couples of all backgrounds and traditions, offering non-denominational, creative and contemporary strategies and pre-marriage education. Together, we explore your important personal issues and questions.  No topic is off limits.

I come to this work with a 13-year background in personal coaching and as a 2001 Graduate of an internationally recognized coaching program.  Working together, I share tools, ideas, exercises and offer personal support to assist you in navigating the winding road to your wedding with enhanced esteem and personal power.

Pre-Marriage Sessions

I offer 3 sessions of pre-marriage coaching, often spaced out over 8 weeks.  Each session is one hour and 30 minutes in length.  Most coaching sessions are held from January – May, scheduled to end before the Summer season.  I do take limited pre-marriage coaching sessions during the Summer and Fall.

The fee for three sessions is $595.

To Schedule Your Sessions

To schedule your first sessions and/or to receive a full flyer via email with more detailed information, please email me or call/text 425.922.1325.

Pre-Marriage Coaching & Education Is Not Therapy.

Pre-marriage coaching and education is a pro-active and loving approach that assists an engaged couple with the skills and information they need to communicate, manage conflict, and have a loving, healthy, satisfying relationship.

What are the goals or expected benefits of Pre-Marriage Coaching?

  1. Affirm the strengths in your relationship – Identify your strengths individually and as a couple. Develop skills, rituals and practices for deepening emotional, physical and spiritual connection/fulfillment. Identify weak areas, too.
  2. Clarify the expectations you have for each other – “what do you expect of each other as husband/wife, as partners for life?”
  3. Assess your level of compatibility and areas of conflict/struggle. Learn to actively listen to each other.
  4. Understand the role of your family of origin and how this plays into your individual journeys and relationship.
  5. Identify areas needing change – be bold! Where do you need to “buff up” individually and what do you need to work on as a couple? Where do you each emotionally react?
  6. Learn more effective relationship skills to resolve conflict/fight fair. Increase authentic expression of thoughts, feelings, wants, needs. Increase your mutual support, trust and safety around emotional vulnerabilities and intimacy.
  7. Avoid the traps of destructive interactions/complain without blame.
  8. Set up a “money plan” for your marriage – get “money clear.
  9. Enhance your emotional and sexual intimacy.
  10. Manage personality and gender conflicts.
  11. Create a marriage bond that offers a foundation for marital health.
  12. Explore how each person’s philosophies of children, in-laws, domestic responsibilities, careers, health/fitness, finances, personal challenges, parenting, functional needs and spirituality differ and intersect.
  13. Create a “Marriage Covenant” – your marriage roadmap/blueprint of your combined intention for your relationship, your mutual vision, requirements and needs.
  14. Take the “Relate” Assessment and compare your individual answers and findings as a couple – this is one of the best “pre-marital assessments” on the market today.