Covid-19 Sucks, Love RULES! Looking Ahead To Seattle Area Weddings, 2021: What To Know, What To Ponder.

As I sit here at my desk, and probably much like you, I feel uncertain about 2021.

Most of my couples moved their 2020 weddings to next year, and I’m hopeful the Spring and Summer of 2021 will bring opportunities for togetherness.

And with this, it’s a rollercoaster of emotion, for sure.

If I had to offer any counsel or guidance, after working with couples during this topsy turvy year, this would be it…short and sweet.

Keep it real.  Remember there is a big distinction between a wedding and a marriage.  If you need to modify plans, do it, and don’t look back.  At the end of the day, a lot of this becomes a part of your story, that will be told and re-told for years and decades to come.
Don’t flip back and forth.  Some of my couples rescheduled not once but two or three times in 2020.  This makes for crazy.  Be pro-active and generous with your forward-thinking.  2021 is a year in flux right now. 2022 will be a good and stable year, I’m betting on it!
Live in present time.  Covid-19 shenanigans offers us the opportunity to question ourselves more deeply.  This moment in time will never, ever come again in current form.  So, embrace what is, throw out what doesn’t work, re-write your intention and dreams for your wedding day.