Way Too Cute! Sign Bearer “Drew” Made It Down The Aisle In Style To His Uncle Matt…

Here comes the Bride!

Drew, you did great!

With sign in hand , Drew made his way down the aisle at Woodinville’s DeLille Cellars on the evening of August 31st to where his Uncle Matt was standing, waiting for his beautiful bride, Danielle.

I LOVE children and how they play out during a wedding ceremony.  Children are always the “wild card” – you just never know how things are going to turn out. I’ve had flowers girls take detours, ring bearers sit in the middle of the aisle, and even one set of singing 2-year-old twins who were escorted down an aisle in a decorated wagon.

During 2012, “signs” have been BIG within wedding ceremonies.  When appropriately used – and most often, as a big surprise – the power of written words escorted down the aisle works beautifully!