Diana + Tim at The Monte Cristo Ballroom in Everett: With Some of the Happiest Family and Friends Ever…

Most often before I begin a wedding ceremony, I walk to the front of the room.  I thank family and friends for attending and give them direction on what to do during ceremony (if anything) and what’s happening after the bride and groom walk down the aisle. dianatim

This is an opportunity for me to also check my mic for the last time and to get a sense of ‘faces.’  Yes, faces.  I want to get a sense of the crowd, big or small, and what the ‘energy’ is like in the room.

This can be quiet and sedate, peppy and fun-loving or perhaps somewhere in-between.

When I did this for Tim and Diana at the Monte Cristo Ballroom on a lovely Friday afternoon last month, I saw beaming faces.

A lot of smiling faces.

I saw and felt great joy, elation, anticipation and happiness AND the wedding ceremony had not even started yet.

This kind of love and care always brings great happiness to my heart.

Because I know before we even start that everything will be okay – that we’re all present for the right reasons and even if something blows up or goes side-ways (which it does on rare occasion), that with a little self-deprecating humor, everything will be more then fine.  It will be real.  And that’s what I love most about a best ceremony.  It’s darn real.

Tim and Diana, the realness of your love, relationship journey and path to your wedding day makes my heart happy. Thank you for inviting me into your personal space and trusting me with your wedding ceremony. I wish you the blessings of great happiness, growth, courage and joy!