Diana Lynne Chapman, Wedding Officiant

Note from Annemarie:

Diana-Lynne-ChapmanI am delighted to refer couples to Diana Lynne Chapman when I am unavailable for consideration! Diana is truly one-of-a-kind and an outstanding professional with a big heart and a great sense of creative license and organization.

For Diana Lynne, the joining of two people in marriage is a seriously joyful experience. Inspired daily by her own happy marriage, she understands ─and appreciates deeply ─ that each couple is unique, with unique expectations for the perfect wedding ceremony. Diana is dedicated to making certain that they begin their married lives feeling absolute delight.

A professional career in communications has given Diana Lynne the skills and sensibilities to customize and perform ceremonies from intimate to grand. Regardless of size or complexity, she approaches each wedding with a spirit of collaboration and celebration, and always with respect for the couple’s wishes.

For more information, please contact Annemarie at 425.922.1325 or anne -at- marriedbyannemarie -dot- com.

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