A Beautiful Fall Wedding at The Seattle Arboretum on Husky Game Day, With Details!

When I first met with the wonderful Jim and Stephanie, they did indeed tell me that the Huskies would be playing at UW on their wedding day, with kick-off near their wedding ceremony start time.

So, knowing that their wedding was right next door, at the beautiful Graham Visitor’s Center at the Seattle Arboretum, had me plotting and planning my travel route and parking location.

Here’s what you don’t see.  AND what you would never see in a perfect wedding magazine!

An happy Officiant traveling in 3 hours early, sitting at a nearby cafe, just to be near her couple.  An Officiant walking almost 1 mile from a far away parking lot (long formal dress and athletic shoes), kicking up leaves, just thrilled to get a parking space, anywhere! (I could have taken an UBER, but I like being in control of my travel).

Yes, the work that I do is mostly about creating and delivering a beautiful wedding ceremony.  AND it’s also about attention to tiny details, that if ignored, may create stress and chaos.  Gratefully, Jim and Whitney’s guests were all about getting rides to their wedding, so we started on time.

My head would explode if I were late to a wedding.  I pre-plan, take things slow and spend a lot of time at nearby cafes, working on my laptop, just happy to be close to a couple.  And take an occasional big walk!

Beautiful Photo:  Amy at www.soperphotography.com