What is your “style?” How you “do what you do?”

In this work that I do, I create and deliver a wedding ceremony in a personalized and custom way – no matter if your guest list is two or 200, sweet/simple or more elaborate and formal.

For each couple with whom I am fortunate to work, I am the co-creator, consultant, resource person, encourager, advisors and Officiant of a wedding ceremony.

I lead with a happy and generous heart and a strong background in special events planning and production (from my former corporate life). I keep the focus on you, the couple, recognizing that each couple truly owns their ceremony and has the last word on what we say and do.

Bottom line? My job is to execute your dream/vision for the ceremony portion of your wedding day, to choreograph your wedding ceremony with your personal story, to consult with your vendors (music, DJ, wedding planner, etc.)

The value to you? Peace of mind, comfort and ease on a very important day.

Why do you tell couples to interview several Officiants?

Easy. Because you “know you.” I leave it to each couple to decide if I’m a best Officiant fit for them, their tribe and their vision of what they want/desire for their wedding ceremony. If I am ultimately selected, I join a couple with a happy heart knowing I’m a best choice in terms of personality, work style and more.

How far out do you book?

Sometimes two days. Sometimes two months. Often six to 12+ months out.

Weekend dates/times (Fri/Sat/Sun) are most popular and the first to go. Thursday evening during the months of May – September are also very popular and a viable option for a couple.

To check my availability, please email me or use the green contact button below.

How do we set up a meeting with you?

Most often, I meet with a couple for coffee/tea and conversation. We spend 30 minutes or so getting to know one another and discover if we’re a best fit to share in a wedding ceremony.

In many ways, this is kind of like a first date! Oftentimes, we both know within five minutes of sitting down if we are moving forward together – it’s that complicated and that simple.

Some couples book without an initial meeting, preferring a phone conversation or conference call.

For a little feedback on my work, go to Testimonials.

To meet with me, email, call or text 425.922.1325 or use the green contact button below.

What are your fees and how does all of this work?

Each couple is different and fees vary. During any given month, my fees range from $250 – $950 for services, depending on what a couple desires for their wedding ceremony.

Truth? I don’t do “cookie cutter” work. Once I learn what you want for your ceremony, I can offer a fee quote for services, working within a wedding budget.

In addition to the time invested to create and craft your ceremony, my fee often includes time/effort to lead your rehearsal, travel time to/from your venue and more. It also reflects time dedicated to arriving early on your wedding day to serve as your “pre-ceremony planner,” to insure an easy, elegant and prompt ceremony start.

Finally, my fee includes: ceremony revisions, emails and phone contact, vendor/resources leads, wedding planning guidance and submitting your signed legal paperwork to the County.

For more information, go to Fees & Options.

Once we book with you, what happens next?

I request a $250 deposit to book your wedding date/time. The balance is collected 60 days before your ceremony.

Upon invitation to join you for your wedding ceremony, you’ll receive an immediate email confirmation and all pieces/documents to begin our work together. I request a signed agreement so the terms of our relationship are clear and you are fully comfortable in your relationship with me. I also like to get your rehearsal date/time on my calendar.

From this point, our process of crafting and creating your ceremony begins. A draft copy will be forwarded to you for approval, anywhere from 30-90 days before your ceremony, often with selections and suggestions for your consideration. And I am available to you via email or phone for questions or concerns as we move forward to your wedding day.

How long is a wedding ceremony?

Here’s what I know for sure – if a wedding ceremony is too short it feels weird. If it is too long, you and your guests feel vulnerable and frustrated.

Most often, the length of a wedding ceremony ranges from 18-28 minutes, and this includes the entrance/processional, ceremony and recessional. Elopements or sweet and simple ceremonies often average about 12-14 minutes.

And you know what? I’m less concerned with how long a ceremony is. I’m more concerned about how it “feels” and if everyone is present, comfortable and at ease – this way, you also remember more from this big emotional moment.

On a wedding day, when do you arrive?

It all depends. Most often, I arrive anywhere from 30-60 minutes early so I can be helpful to a couple, their wedding party and family and friends. When I arrive, I get to work to insure all pre-ceremony details are attended to for an elegant and easy (and prompt) ceremony start.

I also enjoy staying a bit afterwards for photos and conversation, etc.

So, what do you “do” at a wedding rehearsal?

I re-connect with you. I meet your family and friends. I whip everyone and everything into shape! It’s important for me to lead a fun and easy “run through” of the processional and recessional and to go over the internal parts of a ceremony with a couple. We don’t go through the words, special elements or rituals. We leave this for the wedding day.

At a rehearsal, there is oftentimes a lot of emotion so humor is big for me. At the end of a rehearsal, I want the two of you and your family/friends to walk away with an easy sense that “that lady has it.”

How long does a rehearsal last?

Most often, a rehearsal lasts about 45 minutes. Bribes are good to family, friends and wedding party for a prompt arrival so we can start/end on time. Venues often book rehearsals back-to-back so a prompt start insures we have a full block of time to rehearse.

What about writing our own vows?

Go for it – absolutely! Your ceremony is all about the two of you. You have a profound opportunity to craft personal words that reflect your love and devotion and that amplify your commitment to now and the future. If you’d like help crafting your vows, please let me know.

What if something happens and you can’t officiate our ceremony?

In the nine years of doing this work, I have always shown for a wedding. In the event something catastrophic were to happen, I would work to insure a suitable replacement for your date/time, although this can’t be guaranteed, especially in the summer high season. I don’t worry about this and trust that if something were to happen, we’d work together for a best solution.

Can children and other family members take part in our ceremony.

Yes, it’s important for me to offer opportunities during a ceremony for family and children to participate as appropriate to a couple. If you desire, you may work with me to incorporate intimate and memorable rituals into your ceremony. I am a big fan of involving children in a ceremony without taking the focus off the bride and groom.

How do we secure a marriage license?

For more information about marriage licenses in various counties, please visit the following links.

King County Marriage License

Snohomish County Marriage License

Pierce County Marriage License

Kitsap County Marriage License

When do we sign our marriage license documents?

There are different options for signing your marriage license documents and I will review this with you during our initial consultation and/or at rehearsal. At the end of the day, it is my job to insure all signed documents are immediately returned for processing to your County.

(Bride) What name do I use when I sign the marriage documents?

You will use the same name that is on your marriage license. You may begin using your new name after this.

What do you wear for a ceremony?

I’m a fashionista! Better said, I dress elegantly and appropriately for a ceremony. Depending on the couple, style of ceremony and venue, I may wear an elegant neutral pantsuit to a special request from a couple. My goal is to blend in, not stick out. No crazy patterns, no stripes, no plaid! Think more neutral color (beige/black) with perhaps a beautiful scarf or pearls.

Do you travel outside of the Puget Sound area?

I go everywhere – from the beach to a golf and country club to a private home to a covered bridge. I work to accommodate many venue requests and love going to lots of different places each year.

What is the best way to contact you?

Easy. call or text: 425.922.1325 – email, or use the green contact button below and expect a prompt reply.

Do you refer to wedding vendors?

Often. I’m one of the few “vendors” a couple actually sees on their wedding day. So, over the years, I’ve witnessed many wedding professionals in action on a wedding day and have my favorites. For a peek at the list, go to Vendor Picks.