Figuring It All Out: A Summer of Seattle Weddings, As We Come Out Of The Pandemic…


It’s weird. This wedding time, this 2021 Pacific Northwest wedding season.

Not weird in a bad sense.  Weird in that the rhythms of ‘all things wedding,’ are different as I navigate the next 6 months.

From March to May, a dozen or so of my couples decided to again postpone their weddings, and did so to this coming Fall.  From March to May, another handful postponed their weddings to next year.

Now, and for this 2021 summer, I am working with couples who most likely were with me last year, only to have everything stripped away and refigured.

And here is what I know for sure.  I am surrounded by some incredible men and women, couples who road the ups and the downs…the disappointment, the heartache, financial losses, emotional upheaval, and the burdens of chaos and not knowing.  These remarkable men and women, with grace, kindness and anticipation, decided to ‘go for it,’ to ensure love wins.

I’m rambling now.  I get it.

I really don’t feel like writing about anything about wedding venues, marriage licenses, or the do’s and the don’ts of wedding planning.

Instead, I celebrate my couples – the fierce, the brave, my lovers who are getting hitched up in 2021.