One Of Those Very Fun (and Sacred) Ceremonies I Live For – Marques & Christy Johnson!

Christy & Marques Johnson

Okay, how much fun can I truly have with one couple?

Some couples are just pure joy.  When I first met Marques and Christy Johnson last year for coffee/tea, I thought immediately to myself, “sign me up for this!”

And I was right.

Picture this.  A formal evening ceremony at the Washington Athletic Club, gorgeously designed by Wedding Planner Rebecca Grant.  150+ people.  Large wedding party.  Gorgeous Bride.  Festive Groom.  Did I mention lots of joy?

This I know for sure.  Incorporating fun and laughter into a wedding ceremony is a gentle dance.  In this work that I do, this means being fully in the moment with a couple and having an easy mastery of the “room” – knowing the couple, their family/tribe and a gathering a “temperature” of guests.

And this past Saturday evening, April 14th, we had so much fun, laughter and joy.  Most of the moments weren’t planned – they weren’t “written in.”  This is the funny thing about a wedding ceremony – for humor to be real and authentic, it most often has to be in the moment.  The more I know a couple, the most license and ease I feel in fully showcasing who they are with each other and in the world – especially the “fun parts.”

Marques and Christy – much much happiness to you!
Rebecca Grant:
Annemarie Juhlian