The Little Golf Cart That Wouldn’t…Patrick and Rhonda’s Beautiful Wedding Celebration At Echo Falls Golf Club

I smile when I think back on the very beginning of Patrick and Rhonda’s wedding ceremony on a very fine Saturday evening a few weeks ago.

We planned for a parade of golf carts to take the wedding party from the Clubhouse to the ceremony area on the green.

A dozen golf carts easily and happily left the Club House on time and with no problem.

I was in the last cart with Rhonda, her Dad and the driver.  And our golf cart?  It wouldn’t start.  It stuttered.  It stopped.  Time to call Triple A for road side service!

With a number of funny stops and starts, the little golf cart that wouldn’t finally did get us to the ceremony site, although a few minutes behind schedule.

And with a parting of clouds on an otherwise cloudy day, Patrick and Rhonda exchanged vows and special words in front of 100+ thrilled family and friends.

What do I know for sure about planning a wedding?  Always have a “PLAN B” – and when PLAN A doesn’t execute, it’s more about one’s attitude around a challenge or snafu on a wedding day that lightens an otherwise unexpected moment.

Beautiful Photo:  Aly at