GREAT JOY! Helen + Martin Marry At The Lovely Alderbrook Resort…

When I received this marvelous photo from Photographer Jennygg, I just smiled.  BIG!

It was happiness for me to make a June road trip to the lovely Alderbrook Resort on Hood Canal to share in Martin and Helen’s wedding day.  Martin and Helen

These two love birds share a most delightful love story and this, and so much more, we celebrated with the gift of a personalized ceremony on a lovely June Sunday afternoon.

When Helen first met Martin in person, she thought to herself, “so this is what my future looks like!”  She went to give Martin a hug and he said to her, “I’ve driven all of this way….I deserve a hug!”

What I appreciate and cherish about Martin and Helen is their commitment, not only to their loving relationship but to the children of their union.  A wedding day is that much more special when it truly honors the children of a marriage and the honesty that goes with all of the ups and downs of a blended family.

Helen and Martin – I’m the lucky one….you found me!  Much, much happiness to both of you…