The Half-Hour Effect: Building In “Fudge Time” For An Elegant Start To Your Wedding Ceremony…

I am one of those people who is almost always on time, if not early.

AND when it comes to a wedding ceremony, a great start to a ceremony begins with a thoughtful consideration of time, date and place.  AngelaMattCarlson

If I can catch a couple in time, I urge them to put a 15 minute or 30 minute “buffer” on their wedding invitation, depending on the weekend, location/venue, time, bridge/road closures and community events (Opening Day of Boating Season, Seahawks, Seafair, etc.).

Time and time again, it amazes me how wonderful this “fudge time” works.

It worked beautifully this weekend for Matt and Angela (featured) who were married at St. Anne’s Chapel at Seattle’s Villa Academy.

Angela was amazing in that she worked with her guests to insure they knew the location of the venue (hidden in a neighborhood) and that it indeed was opening day of boating season.  With Villa Academy near the closed Montlake bridge, Angela was diligent about insuring guests had travel/arrival options so they didn’t get caught in the bridge closure mess.

Such an incredibly thoughtful, kind-hearted and very beautiful bride (and planner!).