What Happened In Vegas DID NOT Stay In Vegas! 2 Beautiful People Truly Meant For One Another…

When I first met Thomas and Lady Ivory on a dark week night in Kirkland, I walked away with the happy anticipation of their Summer wedding day.

And months later, on the gorgeous evening of July 21st at the Newcastle Golf & Country Club, Thomas watched his beautiful bride walk down the aisle – all of the waiting was worth it!

Thomas and Lady Ivory’s elegant ceremony was a combination of traditional and contemporary.  I worked to insure that the serious elements were covered in such a formal setting AND worked in more than a few light hearted moments.

Creating “ceremony” which meshes traditional with contemporary sounds easy and it is not.  It is a gentle dance between the “feel” of the words, the orchestration of content and weaving in the personality of the couple.  It has become fairly easy for me over the years, as I’ve figured out what works and what tanks (really!)

Thomas and Lady Ivory – Seattle will miss you as you settle into your new home in New Mexico.

My love and gratitude to both of you!  Annemarie

Beautiful Photo by the Beautiful Jan Domek:  www.imagesbyjan.net