You Know What My Happiness Is? A Kind, Gracious and Appreciative Loving Couple. Truly.

My heart was in such a happy place as I made the drive to the Salish Lodge last Sunday to get Brian and Dayna so very married.

This sweet couple lives by my favorite paradox:  ‘what is big, is really small.  what is small, is really big.”DaynaBrian

With 18 family members as their guests, Brian and Dayna were married in a very personal ceremony at The Salish Lodge…with all of the pomp and circumstance of a large and lavish planned wedding.

Captured by Photographer Jim Garner and Videographer Mitch Mattraw,  Brian and Dayna hosted a well-planned and happy wedding day that was enjoyed by each one of their very fortunate guests.

And as I drove away from the Salish Lodge, I recognized that our world is blessed.  Blessed by Brian and Dayna’s loving commitment.  Blessed by a couple who created a wedding day exclusively for “them.”

Most of all, blessed by two lovely people who found each other “over the phone” and moved heaven and earth to be together.  Love.  Love it!