Holiday Season 2012 – It’s Funny What I Remember…

Jen Wade, Jenny Goldberg George and daughter, Lily

The month of December 2012 was BIG/HUGE.

It started with the celebration of same sex marriages on December 9th.  Then came “crazy day, 12/12/12.  And for some reason, after that, it was a parade of beautiful couples all getting married throughout the holiday season, up until the 11th hour of New Year’s Eve.

And you know, it’s funny what I remember…

Mary and Monica Davidson (12/9/12) 12:01 a.m., one of the first same sex couples married in Washington State.  I remember walking to my car afterwards and only then understanding the enormity of the evening.

I remember…Regine and Francisca’s ferry wedding and freaking out inside when I saw we were running long!  I loved Tony and Shelle’s candlelight wedding at Port Gamble Chapel and the ringing of the big bell.  There are words to describe the smile on Amy’s face when she married Bob, 20 years to the date they met!

I remember…donuts, love and Amy and Jeri’s “flash wedding” at Elliott Bay Bookstore.  Ask me about Jen and Julie’s pedi-cab ride at The Willows Lodge!  I got misty when I heard the beautiful harp music at Kristen and Ryan’s wedding.  It was all about their children for Janet and Josh, married at a gorgeous beach bungalow in Port Ludlow.

I remember…marrying my good friend, Jenny Goldberg-George and her partner, Jen, and sharing the sweet experience with their daughter Lily.  Jen knitted me a white scarf for the occasion.  So love these beautiful women.

I remember…how the sun magically appeared for Matt and Kelly’s ceremony – how happy family and friends were for Tom and Ramona – how many late nights I traveled between my home on Bainbridge Island and Seattle, watching the twinkly Big Wheel from the boat – how Joe and Jennie and Randy and LeighAnn created a New Year’s Eve to remember.

And I remember…Madeleine’s gorgeous smile and sassy 60’s outfit – the celebration of Cody and Steve’s 19 year relationship and the spontaneous “woofs!” from their wedding dog, Samba – the graciousness of Emily and Jason during their New Year’s Eve ceremony at The Four Seasons – and how Annie and Gail touched by heart with their kindness and thank-you note. Love.  It’s all about the LOVE.  Bring on 2013.

Thank you for giving me the privilege and honor of doing this work.  Photo:  Aly Medina