“I Wish I Had Done This On My Wedding Day…”

A bride recently asked me, “what are some things couples do on their wedding day that you wish could have been done differently?”Love

A loaded question.  So, I answered from the “wedding ceremony” perspective and it went something like this…

Ditch The Aisle Runner on Hardwood or Grass.  Simply, ditch the aisle runner, especially on a slippy floor and especially on grass or uneven ground.   A bride may think this enhances her ceremony aisle and all it does is create potential chaos – it gets ripped, people trip, heels get caught, etc.   And inviting a bride to do away with her aisle runner is often a hard sell as it is ingrained in a lot of wedding images and conversation!

Get Real About Time.  I’m a big advocate for getting real about time on a wedding day.  What this means is:

For an easy/elegant rehearsal, offer a start time of 15 to 30 minutes before your actual “formal rehearsal start time.” This is especially important on a Thursday afternoon/evening or Friday afternoon.  This creates less stress for a couple, especially if they have a dinner reservation to keep and especially if there is driving time involved.

For a ceremony to start on time, put a earlier “guest arrival time” on your invitation. I work with couples to insure a prompt start time to their ceremony, which is comforting in so many ways and keeps a wedding timeline on track.

Build in ‘Alone Time’ on a Wedding Day:  Working together, carve out “just us time” on a wedding day.  I often suggest that a couple take 10-20 minutes alone together immediately after ceremony, which provides an intimate buffer of connection before a party or reception.  Or “kidnap” each other during your celebration and go find 5 minutes to reflect, enjoy or watch your festivities from afar.