Inspiration x 1,000,000! Celebrating Cody and Kennedy, Married at The Red Cedar Farm in Poulsbo, August 2023…

And so, with a lovely walk down a grassy aisle, on a warm August Saturday afternoon in Poulsbo, Washington, Kennedy made her way to the front, to marry the love of her life.

This moment in time was a sparkly and very happy moment for me.  Everything in me knew that Kennedy was making the highest choice in her life to marry her Beloved, Cody…and visa versa.  You could feel the joy of family and friends as we gathered to honor and celebrate Cody and Kennedy, as they shared in their wedding ceremony at Red Cedar Farm.

Cody and Kennedy, thank you for having me as your Officiant.  Thank you for modeling a conscious, healthy and deeply loving relationship and all that goes with it – the highs and lows, the joys and challenges…and most of all, the quest the two of you have to grow individually and together.  Thank you for trusting me with your ceremony and for offering the opportunity to showcase your love story and relationship, in a modern and deeply authentic way.

With gratitude and love,