Jennifer & Corey: A Thoughtful and Inspiring Ceremony For A Loving Couple & Their Children…

Corey and Jennifer were very clear with me about their expectations for their wedding ceremony on one fine day this past December in Poulsbo, Washington.  In celebration of their loving relationship and the three children of their partnership, this couple desired a ceremony that was inclusive “of it all.”

So, not only did Corey and Jennifer’s wedding ceremony celebrate their devoted and inspiring partnership, it honored the family and friends present, offered special words to their children and featured a special family legacy memento to take away from the ceremony.

Creating a ceremony for a couple is one thing.  Delivering and articulating an authentic and poignant ritual which lovingly includes children – especially when there is a wide range of ages – is a gentle dance.

In this work that I do, I’ve learned to go off-script and to be “in the moment,” trusting that what I know will come through in my words and emotion.

Corey and Jennifer – much, much love to you!

Photo:  Elaine Turso Photography