Joanna + Mark: Just The Most Beautiful Lifetime Moment at Hilltop on Bainbridge Island…

There are moments in life where you stop, look and say to yourself, ‘I want to take all of this in.”

I had one of these moments when I arrived for Mark and Joanna’s Friday morning wedding ceremony in August, at Hilltop, in the Grand Forest of Bainbridge Island. joannamark2

A wonderful group of family and friends were gathered.

Musicians were set up and getting in place.

The ceremony space was beautifully designed in a series of circles, symbolizing the union of two wonderful people.

And so, we had a romantic, intimate and joyfilled ceremony for Mark and Joanna, celebrating their path to this day and their family and friends.

Best yet, Bainbridge Island is Mark and Joanna’s new home and this grand day is just of many wonderful experiences to come on their beautiful Island!