Joe & Debbie: From Whidbey Island and Vancouver, B.C., With LOVE!

JoeDebbieJoe + Debbie.

A beautiful couple with huge and compassionate hearts.   A beautiful gal from British Columbia and a handsome guy from Whidbey Island, destined to meet.

Married on March, 13, 2013 at The beautiful Willows Lodge/Woodinville, Washington, in an intimate and sweetly personalized ceremony.


Together, we celebrated the path that brought them together.  We honored their children and family and remembered the playful Spirits of their beloved animals.  We did all of this and much more.

To me, it’s not about the size of the guest list.  Whether you are planning a ceremony with 2 guests or 200 guests, it’s about creating an intentional lifetime moment that is authentically joy-filled, sacred, sentimental and romantic.

Done.  Enough said.