John + Elizabeth: On To Their Honeymoon After Hosting A Lovely Wedding At Seattle’s Mayflower Park Hotel…

In the moments before they walked down the aisle together at the Mayflower Hotel in downtown Seattle, I joined John and Elizabeth in their suite.john-elizabeth

I love quiet moments before a wedding ceremony.  The few minutes before a huge life shift occurs.

And within minutes, we were in the elevator and making our way downstairs to be greeted by dozens of thrilled family and friends, who welcomed John and Elizabeth to their ceremony with a great round of boisterous applause.

What I love about John and Elizabeth is not only their smarts and fun-loving approach to life, but their loving graciousness.

It was important to both of them to have John’s adult children stand as their best people. Within ceremony, we acknowledged not only John and Elizabeth’s marriage and partnership but the new family created by this union.

With an evening of great food and drink, friendship and the ambiance of the lovely Mayflower Park Hotel, I’m quite sure that John and Elizabeth made their way back to their suite hours later, with the feeling of “we did very, very good.”

Photo: Sent to me from the plane, honeymoon bound!