John + Jaime: A Glorious Day at Kiana Lodge, Celebrating Two Loving People Who Really Get It…

Marriage is a crazy affair.  It’s over-the-top joy.  It’s chaotic and messy.  It’s about learning, growth, stretching and finding the depths of compassion and resilience. johnjaimemonnig

It’s about friendship.  It’s about endurance and nurturing stamina and curiosity in the midst of upset and change. It’s about truly celebrating the ordinary moments and the extraordinary ones.

John and Jaime embody the best qualities of loving relationship.

And this I know for sure:  they have what it takes to create, nurture and protect a devoted relationship that will take them through the years and decades.

On a lovely Summer Sunday, it was my happiness to travel to Kiana Lodge in Poulsbo (one of my most favorite venues) to get these two lovebirds married.

John and Jaime, you invited me into your home and personal space.  You trusted me with your journey and story and I am so grateful for this gift.  Wishing you great happiness, joy and adventure!