Julie + Briana: We Raised The Roof Off AXIS in Seattle’s Pioneer Square With One of the Best Ceremony Toasts, Ever!

Julie + Briana, sweetly married at AXIS in Pioneer Square on January 14th.

I love this photo, taken in flight, on their way to a much anticipated honeymoon in Iceland!

What I appreciate so much about Julie and Briana…briana-julie1

  • Julie and Briana had a vision for their ceremony and what was vital to them. Including their family and friends, particularly their niece and nephews was hugely important.  We got the children beautifully down the aisle and each participated in a hand-fasting ritual.
  • Emotion.  So much emotion.  These two women, on a relationship path of 7 years so far, are one inspiring duo. During ceremony, we celebrated their history, joys and happiness, ups and downs, funny moments and more.  I loved that Julie and Briana wanted it real – we kept it real.
  • The memory that I left with the most?  A well orchestrated ‘forever and ever’ toast within Julie and Briana’s wedding ceremony – celebrating not only the two of them, but a toast that honored the love of each person in the room.

At the end of the day, Julie and Briana worked to design and host a ceremony and celebration that was truly lovely, reverent and so much fun!