When It Is Killer Hot Outside For A Seattle Wedding Ceremony, Let’s Talk About Shade…

As I write this, it’s warm outside on this Tuesday morning here in Seattle.

And over this past weekend in the Pacific Northwest, it was HOT.  Seriously, HOT.  Way too hot to be married in the full-out sunshine.

Some couples decide to get married in the sun.  When it gets into the 80’s and 90’s, my best counsel is:  “Honey, re-think this strategy pronto!” JoelLisanne

Getting married in the heat of the day isn’t fun.  It’s sweaty.  It’s exhausting.  It’s tiring.  It wears out your wedding party and family.  It doesn’t offer best photos.

Dump the idea and go for shade.

Happily, this past weekend, two of my loveliest couples, Joel and Lisanne (Sylvan Grove Theatre – featured left) and Andrew and Kristen (Wild Rose Weddings – featured below) worked with me to move the site of their ceremony.

And for Andrew and Kristen, this was an hour before ceremony!  AndrewKristenCopeland

Here’s the pay-off:  A bride and room remember more because they aren’t dying in the heat.

Family and friends remember more and are more comfortable.  Your older guests are protected from the sun.

Photos are that much more flattering than in the crazy sun.

Everyone in your wedding party (no sunglasses) aren’t squinting like mad.   Simply, shade is a magical elixir that creates more happiness!