Lacee + Bryce: Just the Best Couple, A Very Warm Wedding Day = LOVE.

I drove away from Lacee and Bryce’s wedding ceremony, on a very hot day in August, thinking to myself, “this beautiful couple has staying power; this couple has what it takes to hugely create, nurture and sustain a lifetime relationship.”  laceebrycetompkins

This marriage thing isn’t for the faint hearted.

For those of us in long-term relationship, navigating the ups and downs of careers, jobs, illness, loss/grief, disappointment, elation, aging, huge change, kids and more is a daily juggle.

Marriage is about jumping off a cliff, knowing what we know and knowing what we don’t know.

For Lacee and Bryce, we celebrated their years together at the Trinity Tree Farm in Issaquah with a ceremony that was real and authentic.  No flowery words.  No hyped up or trite stuff such as a “a ring is a circle, just like your love…”laceebrycetompkins1

Lacee and Bryce were clear with me when we first sat down together.

They wanted me to ‘get them’ and celebrate where they’ve been, where they were on their big day and their intentions for their future.

It was my happiness to launch this pair of sweethearts on their marriage adventure.  Lucky, lucky me!

Beautiful Photos:  Salt and Pine Photography