Lane + Kim + 2 Wedding Dogs = A Wonderful & Heart-Warming Ceremony At Hollywood School House…

As one of “those” animal lovers, I jump at each and every opportunity to include a couple’s “best friend” in a wedding ceremony and celebration!

When I first met Lane and Kim and found out they were veterinarians with huge hearts for animals of all shapes and sizes, I couldn’t resist the request to visit their vehicle during our inital meeting to meet their wedding dogs, Lucy and Mo.

And with grand style, beautiful Lucy (featured at the right) and her side-kick, Mo, pranced down the aisle at Hollywood Schoolhouse in Woodinville on August 23rd, to the delight of their guardians and a smiling group of family and friends.

Working a dog or dogs into a ceremony is a delight for me.  Like a ring bearer or flower girls, dogs can’t do anything “wrong” and anything “creative” that they come up with around their part in a ceremony is just another opportunity for a smile, a laugh…for joy.

Lane, Kim, Lucy and Mo – much happiness to your beautiful family!

Gorgeous Photo of Lucy/Tasha Owen: