Laughter. So Good, So Right and When Well Done, It Creates Good Feels and Memories…

I love laughter within a wedding ceremony. 

Not weird laughter.  Not laughter that comes from, ‘what the hell was that?’

I treasure the joy of smiles, giggles and and/or laughter that comes from a piece within a beautifully written and personalized wedding ceremony that feels like, ‘oh, this is so them!’

In this work that I do, when I am writing a wedding ceremony, I look for moments of joy and/fun that will elicit a smile or a knowing laugh.

A wedding ceremony is such a vulnerable lifetime moment.  It’s my quest to never over reach and/or to make a ceremony moment about me.

Truly, a well crafted and written ceremony keeps full focus on a couple, best people and their family and friends – it doesn’t matter if this is in the presence of 2 guests or 200 guests. And good humor, a fun-loving approach and a quest for a joyful celebration, all work to create a ceremony that feels real, loving and easy.