Happy Memories From This Holiday Season of Tiny and Last Minute Weddings in Seattle…

Happy New Year!  It has been a happy pleasure for me to share in tiny weddings and “last minute weddings” during this final week of 2014.

As I reflect on this past week, here is my take away…

William and Heather:  With less than a month to plan and with a big move to Colorado in early 2015, William and Heather pulled together a beautiful wedding with 50+ family and friends at the Washington Athletic Club.  Truly, such an inspiring young couple…meant to be.

Jeff and Jen were married at The Willows Lodge, tiny and intimate and perfect for them.

Adam and Rebecca traveled to Seattle from New Mexico to be married at The Salish Lodge, the place where Adam proposed 2 years ago.  They were married on the trail down to the Falls in a ritual that included a celebration of Adam’s Jewish tradition.   EricCarrie3

Freddie and Moki, soldiers at Ft. Lewis, were married in the presence of Moki’s parent at Volunteer Park.  Their smiles were huge and their kisses, sweet.

I smile as I remember the Pedicab that took Eric and Carrie out for a spin at The Willows Lodge before their “elopement.”  You’ve got to appreciate a gorgeous guy in uniform and a beautiful lady in a stunning gown…a loving ceremony for 2 and wedding day, “their way.” (pedicab photo at right)

Richard and Jane were wonderful and I fondly think of their wedding day at the Hotel Monaco, with “wedding dog” Abby and 6 loving witnesses.  After more than 30 years together, Teri and Allen tied the knot with their Fathers as witnesses.

New Year’s Eve was sparkly at the Pan Pacific Hotel where Eric and Krista hosted more than 130 delighted family and friends with a festive ceremony and celebration.  And New Year’s Day was all about Brandon and Christina, married in a small ceremony at The Alexis Hotel with family and friends and the Groom’s two very cute little boys!