“Let’s Just Do This!” Dan + Lan’s Elegant September Wedding at Seattle’s SODO Park!

LanDanFranett2Dan + Lan.

When I arrived at Dan and Lan’s SODO PARK venue for their wedding ceremony on September 14th, I was thrilled to see one of my most favorite people – Videographer Mitch Mattraw.

I was particularly delighted because, in Mitch’s capable hands, I knew that Dan and Lan would have magnificent video memories from their ceremony and celebration.

With a festive group of 260 family and friends, Lan and Dan shared in a ceremony with personalized elements and custom touches.  There were a few hankie moments and Lan’s enthusiastic Grandfather just added to the texture and story of their ceremony!

When creating a ceremony with a large group, it’s a gentle dance to create text and ritual that feels warm and intimate.  Oftentimes, I have a hard time explaining how I do this – a lot depends on the couple, the family system and the “mood and feel” of the room.

What I LOVED about Lan and Dan was not only their amazing and loving story of 8 years but how thrilled their family and friends were for them.  The big smiles of wedding party members walking down the aisle and the applause for family processing down the aisle only added to the overall joy of the ceremony experience.

Thank you to Wedding Planner Emily Murphy at Manette Gracie for her invaluable and amazing support on this engagement!

Mitch Mattraw:  www.cabfareproductions.com

Manette Graciewww.manettegracie.com/

Annemarie Juhlian:  www.staging1.marriedbyannemarie.com