Loving Richard and Pam – A True “Aloha” Wedding in the Heart of Woodinville Wine Country…

Pam + Richard.

Gracious.  Inspiring.  Totally cool.  Fun-loving. Inclusive.

I could go on and on.

It was such a pleasure for me to work with this sweet and dynamic duo and to share in their wedding ceremony a few weeks ago at DeLille Cellars.

Pam and Richard were fortunate to capture the last and most gorgeous day of this month (October 7th).  Their outdoor wedding was truly a celebration of their loving partnership – it celebrated what is truly important in life:  ohana and aloha!

In this work that I do, I am enriched and humbled to work with amazing couples like Pam and Richard – couples who lead with a mission and purpose to their relationship, in addition to loving and caring for each other.  And how fortunate are the family and friends of this couple who get to share in their passion for life and their passion for one another.